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Disc Data Migration DVD CD Ripping Service

Data migration, ripping, archiving and rip are terms for extracting the data from your media and placing them as digital files on a hard disc. Rip, ripping, archiving discs, and data migration to other media is a great way to not only reduce the physical size of your discs, but also help ensure the safety of your data for future use. A leading producer of quick turn, high quality, low price, DVD CD ripping services, DVD CD archiving services, DVD CD data ripping, copying cds to hard disc and data migration with files such as mp3, wav, ogg, flac or save your DVD CD data to hard drive.

DVD Video Copy Protect (RVP™)

Rimage Video Protect™ (RVP) is a form of content alteration. It guards against unauthorized copying and ripping of DVD Video content by encapsulating data files in areas of the DVD disc that are not read during playback. This solution not only leaves playback compatibility uncompromised, but it also leaves the original media content unmodified. Since RVP™ is a passive form of protection is does not require the player or content to be loaded with tracking software or heavy code. This also means that a minimal amount of space is required to utilize the protection, allowing a maximum amount of space on the DVD for the original content.

Convert Video to Disc

We convert any video file to DVD, Blu-ray disc, MP4, WMV, MOV, QT, Quick Time and more.

Graphic Design

Need help with design? DupeShop can design your CD, DVD and Blu-ray label to your liking. We can also design the printed insert for the front of your DVD Case. Please ask for a quote to design your printed material. Our designers are very creative, we work quickly to meet your due dates and our pricing is solid. Please request a quote by email or by calling 1-866-874-8725.

Duplication Replication USB printing and Data Load

DVB Media is your fast turnaround CD duplication, DVD duplication, Blu-ray duplication and USB flash duplication vendor. No one is faster and no one can copy our printing quality on disc. You need our Everest print quality on your CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray. Do not get for inkjet or paper labels, over time they rot media. At DVB Media we use Everest high resolution thermal gloss coat printing. Everest thermal is the best process available and DupeShop uses nothing but Everest printers. Our CD, DVD, and Blu-ray duplication services are the best in the US, and we have the lowest prices around. Give us a shot, we won't let you down!

If you have questions, please feel free to Email us sales@dupeshop.com or contact us now toll free 1-866-874-8725 and ask to speak to a CSR. We offer more choices and better value than any other disc supplier. Give us a call, you'll be glad you did.

High Resolution Direct to Disc Printing!

Disc Printing

Everest printing technology ushers in a new era of affordable, offset quality CD, DVD and Blu-ray printing, producing photo quality on the disc surface that has the rugged durability of thermal. The Everest CD, DVD Blu-ray labeling process is second to none in on demand disc printing services.

You will get the benefits of our Everest Printer with MicroDry variable dot printing, which delivers images equivalent to 160 lines per inch, a true paradigm shift in technology. Everest blows away traditional screen printing 90 lpi, and eclipses magazine print standards 160 lpi, delivering unequaled high resolution cd duplication & dvd duplication printing quality.

Disc Duplication


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We convert any video file to DVD, Blu-ray disc, MP4, WMV, MOV, QT, Quick Time and more.

A leading producer of quick turn, low price, CD DVD Ripping Services, CD DVD Archiving Service, CD DVD Data Ripping, and copying CD DVD to hard disc.