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Disc Print Sample

Actual scan of on-disc Everest high res thermal gloss printing

Full color Everest thermal and Everest black thermal printing, is neither inkjet or paper label, it's a indestructible heat thermal printing technology fused to the media surface and there is no need to worry about moisture or media rotting overtime.


High Resolution Direct to Disc Printing!

Your print is actually thermal fused to the surface of the disc so there is no need to worry about scratches, moisture or your disc rotting overtime, with other printing proces like paper labels or low quality ink jet. Stay away from those process, you won't like them!

To obtain a sample and view the quality of our work for yourself please contact us a 1-866-874-8725 or sales@dupeshop.com


Disc Scan Sample


Disc Duplication


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Phone: 1-866-874-8725
E-mail: sales@dupeshop.com

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We convert any video file to DVD, Blu-ray disc, MP4, WMV, MOV, QT, Quick Time and more.

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